Road Trip


I was heading to my new home in Louisville, KY, but stopped to see a gorge.

This led me to a lovely motel in Mount Hope, WV. My perfunctory desk clerk gave me the rare gift of unmonitored pool access. The silver medal only to unmonitored roof access.

I was leaving the pool and wanted to see the fitness room, so I followed the arrowed signs until I came upon one pointing me the way I had just come. I turned around and after four steps came upon a sign pointing back towards the previous sign. The two signs are pointing toward a gap filled only with wallpaper. I was given three seconds to be alone with my confusion before the desk clerk turned the corner looking for me and with an unearned smirk informed me that there was no fitness room.

I thanked him, but was unimpressed with his demeanor. He talked to me as though I was one of many suckers to make this mistake, and should have known better.

Your motel has signs for a room that doesn’t exist. You may judge another person’s standings once you are no longer spending all day in a building that I am pleased to accurately describe as labyrinthian.